Triple Enzyme Activation

Bala Enzyme’s Triple Enzyme Activation works to actively support muscle recovery, deliver hydration, and support joint function.

The Bala Enzyme

Bala Enzyme is the most potent plant-based anti-inflammatory product on the market. With 0 sugar, natural ingredients, and a great taste, Bala utilizes the enzymes bromelain, turmeric, and papain to support your muscle recovery and joint function while also delivering hydration.

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Natural and Effective Muscle Recovery

You expect your body to perform at a top level every day. Bala Enzyme expedites the muscle recovery process so you can get back to your active lifestyle faster.

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The Importance of Hydration

Your body relies on water for basic bodily functions. However, our bodies are constantly losing water through our daily activities. Our triple enzyme activation makes rehydration easy and much more effective than water alone.

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Supported Joint Performance

Everyday your joints sustain massive amounts of pressure. With Bala Enzyme, we use natural ingredients to keep your joints well-hydrated and in turn, eliminate those end-of-the-day aches and pains.

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Our Story

A husband-and-wife team of dental specialists based in Southern California are the dynamic founders of Bala. Throughout their 20 years in practice, they have observed firsthand the beneficial effects of a variety of modalities of inflammation treatment on their patients. They are very passionate about introducing this innovative supplement to the market.