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All good

Taste Great

Incredible Game Changer!

Bala is first of its kind and incredible. The plant forward focus is mindful and appreciated. Bala tastes delicious unlike the majority of hydration market. Please move the product toward a certified organic version is my only request. Amazing job!

Bala Total Body Wellness Drink Mix

Bala Total Body Wellness Drink Mix

Love this so much but it stains!!

I absolutely love the taste of the turmeric pineapple and how it makes me feel. The only drawback is that it stains!!!! Do not use if your waterborne leaks even a tiny bit. Even if you are careful you may find yellow stains on clothes, countertops etc. I wish it didn't stain and if it were a bit cheaper I'd be drinking 1 a day forever.

Can’t go with out it

Love it taste great hydrates me
My only two issues is
Wish it was a little cheaper
And sometimes the stick packaging is hard to open.

Bala Pineapple

I love the taste of this! I feel like it has helped me recover from workouts and simultaneously reduced my stomach bloat. I'm glad I discovered this product!

great taste

great product

Bala Bottle (Free Gift)
Jaimee J.
Superb bottle

I love the free bottle that came with my order. It was a great addition. It is a perfect to mix the drinks in. Very easy to use and convenient.

Bala Bottle (Free Gift)
Rich C.

The bottle is perfect for Bala. It's the right size and so convenient!

Life Changing

I purchased this product because I don't drink enough water and always feel dehydrated. I am the business manager of a real estate brokerage, therefore, I am on the phone nonstop. This makes it difficult to drink enough water consistently throughout the day. I saw an add for Bala and took a chance. I will be a customer for life now. I actually drink mine in the evening, when I am taking my nightly supplements. It tastes great. I wake up feeling hydrated and good to go. It has also helped with achy joints in the morning. No more Gatorade full of unhealthy chemicals!

Bala Pineapple Total Body Wellness Drink Mix
Fred B.
Out of control Diabetes under control

I didn't know what expect but mixed Bala with a product I market . I've suffered with type 2 diabetes
for it would get under control then what I was doing stopped working. When I started drinking the Bala my numbers dropped and most of the time are below 100 no matter what I eat. So I know this is anecdotal can't make health claims but I've been very pleased with my results.


This stuff is great! Excellent source of refueling and great anti-inflammatory properties.

Bala Total Body Wellness Drink Mix

Enjoying the pineapple

So far it tastes great and I have feeling less sore after my workouts and golf outings. Will Definently continue using it and will try the other flavors next.

It’s great!

I tried to drink but I feel hydrate and way too amazing! I love pineapple best! Thanks guy!

30-Pack Variety Bundle

30-Pack Variety Bundle

Bala Pineapple Total Body Wellness Drink Mix
Jimmy C.

I like it . Not sure if I feel anything different but ..

30-Pack Variety Bundle
Don C.

30-Pack Variety Bundle

30-Pack Variety Bundle
Tekaheroken H.

Love this drink! Just after first tasting it’s delicious and can feel the energy it gives me after working out, absolutely changed my recovery

Bala Pineapple Total Body Wellness Drink Mix
Maria S.S.

I love the product


I love this stuff!! I find the claims it makes to be accurate in my life. Only issue I find is that it makes me and my gf "gassy" for some reason!! Not sure why, but whatever 🙄 🤷. Such is life! Sometimes you have to take the "good" with the "bad"!!

30-Pack Variety Bundle
Cori B.
Good stuff!

I feel better when I drink my Bala daily. Aches and pains, digestion much better.

30-Pack Variety Bundle
Denise P.
Trial run

I’ve been drinking Bala for a few weeks. I’m not sure if I feel any different but I’d like to think the benefits are on the inside.
At least it tastes great.

30-Pack Variety Bundle
Ben A.
The taste is outstanding

I love the flavors and the amount of juice it makes. I give balance a thumbs up.