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I like it . Not sure if I feel anything different but ..

30-Pack Variety Bundle

30-Pack Variety Bundle
Tekaheroken H.

Love this drink! Just after first tasting it’s delicious and can feel the energy it gives me after working out, absolutely changed my recovery


I love the product


I love this stuff!! I find the claims it makes to be accurate in my life. Only issue I find is that it makes me and my gf "gassy" for some reason!! Not sure why, but whatever 🙄 🤷. Such is life! Sometimes you have to take the "good" with the "bad"!!

Good stuff!

I feel better when I drink my Bala daily. Aches and pains, digestion much better.

Trial run

I’ve been drinking Bala for a few weeks. I’m not sure if I feel any different but I’d like to think the benefits are on the inside.
At least it tastes great.

The taste is outstanding

I love the flavors and the amount of juice it makes. I give balance a thumbs up.

Bala Berry

Great taste, very enjoyable.


Our family is in love with Bala!! Each of us have our own favorites - my husband loves the pineapple, I love the lime flavor and our teens love the berry flavor. Since all of our boys play high school sports, we are always on the lookout for a good hydration drink with clean ingredients. We have tried a few brands but Bala is the most delicious. Other brands use sweeteners that have an aftertaste, but Bala is just delicious all the way. My husband has been suffering from gout, with lots of attacks lately, but after continuous drinking of Bala 1-2 times daily (he brings it to work), he has not had an attack since. Thank you for a delicious product!!

So far so good!!

I have asthma and between the bromide for my lung congestion ans the help with hydration that can cause me issues with cramping that some of the meds cause I was thrilled to see this product then i have digestive issues ans the papaya is a pre biotic! Finally inflammation hits the asthma and old joints and who knows what else.. this is a one stop shop for me!!!!

Love it!!!

I ordered the 3 flavor, taste delicious. I’m drinking more water. I feel great, and gives me more energy!! The best… Highly recommended!!


This stuff is AWESOME!!! The taste is OUTSTANDING!!! I was pleasantly surprised 😮! I can see this being my go-to hydrator/anti- inflammatory!! GOOD SHIT BALA!! YOU GET ACES IN MY BOOK!!!

Great deal

The price was right!!!


Bala is very tasty, my energy levels are up, and sleep is better. I was suffering from constipation but pretty regular now.

30-Pack Variety Bundle

Taste great, but I got a few empty packs.

I am enjoying this as my daily electrolyte. The turmeric taste is very mild and the flavors are delicious. So far there have been two empty packets, which was a bit disappointing.


I work out hard and have taken many different supplements. I tried Bala thinking it would help me with recovery from workouts at age of 63. Due to some wear and tear over the years my left knee has some degree of chronic inflammation. After 3 days of Bala it has improved significantly . I had forgotten it could help with inflammation and was trying to figure out why it was better and finally concluded it was Bala. Sometimes life pleasantly surprises you. I highly recommend this product. Tastes good and I drink it daily

Delicious, will definitely order again.

Love that these drink mixes are low calorie and good for you. They taste delicious and refreshing (the flavors don’t taste that different from each other). Definitely will order again.

Welcomed boost

I'm a professional driver, sitting and getting out of a van for extended periods is all in a day's work. Bala has improved my endurance and joint flexibility. I have recommended Bala to at least 6 friends, I gave samples to each of them. I believe they all are sold on the benefits Bala provides.

I enjoy the taste I usually mix with my teas and and liftoff. Will be ordering again. Not feeling the aches and pains as much...hoping as I use will continue to feel better.


Love Love Bala! This formula helps me tremendously after a 2hour workout.

Skeptical at first

What got me to purchase this was the color of the drink honestly. But it’s a great drink I practically use it everyday for work. Sip on it my 64 oz hydro flask. As for the inflammation claims.. idk but I do feel hydrated better. It’s a bit pricey but will keep purchasing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a discount down the line. I honestly really use it everyday and it taste amazing !

Taste amazing

This is so good. I have used liquid iv, Tom Brady line and this is my fave. It tastes the best!