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Love it

I love that it’s clean and rehydrates, while providing enzymes to help with joints, gut and muscles.

Love it!

I drink it every morning with my breakfast. It’s like my OJ but much better for me w/o the sugar. Tastes great and I know I’m good for the day!!

Love it, let’s do the shipment every 2 months, thank u

BALA Bottle

Very good appearance and quality.

BALA drink mix

Very good product and it helps me recover/perform better.

Bala Total Body Wellness Drink Mix

Tasty and effective

I mix this with my green supplement for a delicious dose of hydration and wellness.


The product is good, but the price is so high

I know the ingredients are good for you. So I just take it as supplements.

Bala Total Body Wellness Drink Mix

Love it!

I use it every day for best benefits. It taste great. I ordered more flavors.

Love this stuff!

Great flavors!!

Bala Total Body Wellness Drink Mix


I didn’t expect it to taste good, but it does. And I really enjoy drinking it and it also mixes well in with other drinks. However, don’t get it on the counter or your clothes because it will stain. 😆


This is refreshing with no bad after taste! I look forward to it.

Super Yummy

makes me feel like I am doing something healthy for my body and this drink is sooo delicious

Bala Total Body Wellness Drink Mix


It’s actually very good !!!! I was very surprised. I got pineapple and the flavor is awesome.

Great hydration

No sugar, great taste, just an awesome overall hydration drink! Takes away pain also. The best hydration drink hands down! Aloha!


I’m 61 I have inflammation my knee and my buttocks was in pain. I’ve been drinking Bala for about a week. No pain inflammation going down. I had to tell everyone about it because I feel great. I’m loving it. I’m ordering my second variety pack today. I love it. I have my son drinking it now. This is the truth.

Bala verity pack

There’s an after taste that I have found in this and other brands and I can’t identify what it is but I don’t like it. Bala wasn’t as bad as others so I will continue to use what I order. I like the product just not the aftertaste. I have several other brands that I couldn’t use because the aftertaste was so over whelming to me. With all considered I would recommend Bala.

Can’t Live Without This Now!

Drinking Bala Total Body Wellness has made such an incredible difference to my life! It has alleviated my pain, and in general, just makes me feel good. Tastes great, too, which is a bonus. I definitely felt a big difference when I temporarily ran out. I cannot highly recommend this product enough!

Got a sample at the Malibu Triathlon

I purchased the 3 flavor 30 pack - like it!

Amazing drink

I love drinking things that’s good for me and the pineapple flavor is tops! Won’t leave home without it! Thank you so much!


I’m addicted to caffeine to get me through my day and it makes me dehydrated and crash pretty hard. I drink this first thing in the morning and it makes me feel less fatigued and I end up drinking less caffeine through out the day.