Bala 34 OZ Premium Water Bottle Clear with Threaded Lid, BPA Free

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Support Your Active Lifestyle!

BALA is an innovative way to help support recovery, hydration, wellness, and joint function through enzymes and natural ingredients. BALA mixes with water so you can support your active lifestyle wherever you go.

No Added Sugar. No Artificial Ingredients

Our team of doctors have spent years creating a perfect BALAnce of natural ingredients. The end result is a naturally-sweetened product that works to effectively support your body before, during, and after physical activity. 


Simply open one packet and pour into your 16-ounce water bottle or reusable container. Close lid, shake it for 30 seconds and Enjoy! The turmeric in BALA is purely organic. Therefore, for the best results add BALA to room temperature water and shake well.