Nature + Science

The Bala Founders are dedicated to giving people back their freedom of movement by delivering rapid rehydration, supporting muscle recovery, and aiding joint function. They’ve done this by understanding the healing power of nature and utilizing science to produce products that deliver results with simple, healthy, proven solutions.

Bala’s ingredients are rooted in nature and backed by science to avoid the side-effects of prescription medicines.

Our Story

We are a husband-and-wife team of doctors, parents, and athletes based in Southern California who created Bala after observing first-hand the beneficial effects of plant-based enzymes on our patients. I met my husband while we were both at Boston University. At the time, he was finishing 2 years of research under the supervision of internationally renowned Dr. Thomas Van Dyke, a professor whose lab focuses on the structural and functional relationship of the entire inflammatory process. As an athlete and avid skier, my husband was keen on learning the bodily process of fighting inflammation and how enzymes accelerate the process.

Upon graduation and settling in California, we both continued to review multiple plant-based therapies to help our patients depend less on pharmaceutical drugs. Having been in practice for 20 years now, we have seen our patients recover from post-operative swelling, bruising and inflammation by prescribing them plant-based enzymes.

To formulate Bala, we worked with teams of scientists and biochemists to develop a proprietary blend with amazing flavors. The formulation blended the enzymes with amino acids allowing the enzymes to be absorbed properly without having to rely on sugar or piperine. The exclusion of sugar was critical since sugar increases inflammation in the body. This resulted in a product that is suitable for all lifestyles, from athletes, to keto and diabetic.

In January 2018, my entire life changed when I sustained significant injuries that cut my career short and left me disabled. Since I could not tolerate any pharmaceutical drugs and its side effects, I used Bala to help with my muscle recovery and sooth my stiff joints. I continue to use Bala daily on a regular basis to support my busy lifestyle. We have now made it our life’s mission to get Bala out to people’s hands and help them regain their freedom of movement, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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Why Bala Enzyme

Enzymes are biological molecules that significantly speed up the rate of the chemical reactions that take place within cells. They are vital for life and serve a wide range of important functions in the body, such as aiding in digestion, hydration, recovery and metabolism.

Bala harnesses the power of turmeric, bromelain, and papain enzymes to promote faster muscle recovery and aid joint function.

Relieve and Recover

At the end of your day, and especially after a workout, your muscle fibers need to properly repair and rebuild in order to get stronger. Most supplements rely on sugar to deliver benefits, however sugar creates muscle cramps and causes spikes and crashes.

Bala utilizes crucial enzymes and essential amino acids to support muscle recovery without sugar for a smarter and more effective way to recover so you can comfortably resume your daily activities or workouts the next day.

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The Next Level of Hydration

On average, a person loses about 2.5 liters of water from their daily activities and one liter of fluid per hour while exercising. After an extremely strenuous workout, you could lose three gallons or more through excessive perspiration.

Bala promotes recovery, athletic or otherwise, by replenishing key electrolytes your body loses after sweating out everything you’ve got after pushing past your limits.


Support Joint Function

Whether you are an avid gym-goer or just standing on your feet all day, proper joint function and recovery is essential. Bala contributes to well-hydrated joints while reducing swelling and the common aches and pains after a long day of activities.

Bala harnesses the potent anti-inflammatory properties of natural enzymes to improve your joint function and support for your overall joint health and recovery.

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