Blonde women on pale yellow yoga mat with Bala bottle in mountain runner pose.

5 Things You Can Do for National Yoga Month 2020

As the last few days of summer comes to an end, September brings in cool breezes, colorful leaves, and, of course, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. It is no doubt that our world has changed in an effort to keep the public safe during this global pandemic and we may not be able to return to our annual autumn activities. But now it is more important than ever to keep yourself active and moving. What better way to stay active than to practice some yoga and mindful meditation during September National Yoga Month? Here are 5 things you can do for National Yoga Month 2020:


1. Yoga in Nature

There is nothing more enchanting than doing yoga amongst the falling leaves and feeling yourself connected to the Earth beneath your feet. Fresh air and sunlight are contributing factors to our mental health, so we should take advantage of the crisp autumn air and cool breeze and take our yoga session outside!

Of course, you don’t have to leave your home to be in nature. The beauty of yoga is that it can be done practically anywhere! For some, it may not be possible to be in a natural surrounding without a long drive out. We recommend utilizing your backyard, neighborhood park (during non-peak hours), or indoors surrounded by houseplants! As long as you feel comfortable, you’re doing it right.

2. Learn Something New

There are plenty of variations of yoga, like acroyoga or pilates, to keep your movements strong and flexible. Adding new variations is a good way to keep yourself from getting bored of routine and challenge other muscles that would not typically be used in your usual movements. Sometimes a small break of routine is just what we need, and hey, you might even find something you like!

However you choose to do yoga is completely up to you. Just remember that it’s OK to not be good at something right away. Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone and embrace the journey of new experiences.

3. Socially Distanced Group Yoga Session

It’s OK to miss doing activities with your friends. In fact, it’s very normal during this time. While it recommended that people stay indoors, it is important for our mental wellbeing to not deprive ourselves socially. But that doesn’t mean we should rush outside and meet up, especially if you are around anyone that is at risk. Arrange a group Zoom yoga session so that everyone can connect and sweat together, online! If you’re all new to yoga and need some guidance, there are Zoom yoga classes taking place online where you can sign up and do some yoga with a class. You and your friends would be able to share the joys (and pains) of yoga together.

4. Meditation, Mindfulness, and Gratitude

Our daily lives can be hectic and stressful, so it’s important that we take the time to breathe, unwind, and refocus ourselves. Otherwise, we may find ourselves accumulating stress, which has its negative effects on the body. During National Yoga Month, this is a good time to practice some meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude.

Yoga is all about connecting with the universe, speaking to our inner spirit, and being mindful about our place and position on this Earth. It doesn’t have to be that deep, but we should take a minute to count our blessings, appreciate every moment of life, and recalibrating our mindsets. Afterall, there’s a reason why yoga people are always so happy.

5. Hydrate and Fuel Your Body

Like doing any physical activity, proper hydration and nutrition are needed to keep your body fueled and ready for action. Nothing is worse than needing to stop a yoga session because of a muscle cramp or fatigue.

If you’re new to yoga, you may find, even if you’re generally very fit, that these new movements may cause some muscle soreness the next few days. Your muscles are being used in different ways and needs time to get accustomed to these movements. Of course, we don’t have to sit there and suffer. Bala contains a blend of bromelain, turmeric, and papain that helps with pain and muscle recovery. Some light stretching every day, a massage, or a heating pad can also help ease your soreness as well!


If you’re celebrating National Yoga Month 2020, be sure to try some of these tips! Now go out and spread some positivity!