Why David Hodges, Physical Therapist, Chooses Bala to Recover

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Why David Hodges, Physical Therapist, Chooses Bala to Recover

As a physical therapist, I often see injuries throughout the body that could be prevented with simple changes to our lifestyle and daily routine. As a runner and Ironman triathlete, I understand the importance of adopting a consistent stretching routine and strengthening my core and stabilization muscles, in order to combat tightness and pain after strenuous workouts. Also, I know that in order to perform at my best,  it is imperative to remain hydrated not only throughout the day, but especially during and after runs or rides. I must do this so that I don't lose necessary electrolytes through sweating and or fatigue toward the end of races.

As a physical therapist, I must be an "expert" in dealing with pain, both acute and chronic, and I have found that one of the most important tools for helping my patients is education. When I speak with my patients regarding their pain, I must set expectations for their treatment, teach them things that they can do at home to improve their pain, and set them on a path to full wellness and health. One of the most vital aspects of this education is discussing hydration and nutrition because of its impact on every system in the body and importance of decreasing inflammation throughout the body. Someone who does not have a healthy gut or does not hydrate properly will not be able to live a fully healthy life or recover fully from injury or stress.

I have found that Bala is a great tool to use every day for my recovery. The turmeric enzyme has aided in decreasing the inflammation within my system so I no longer feel the typical aches and joint pain after long runs. Also, Bala contains two digestive enzymes for my gut and the necessary electrolytes needed for recovery so I can train longer and harder! I feel healthier and more energetic since starting to use Bala. I love that I can get all of these benefits in a product that tastes great but does not have any sugar or carbs!

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