Spring Back into Your Fitness Routine

Spring Back into Your Fitness Routine

Spring season welcomes longer and brighter days, meaning more sunlight and fresh air. It’s the perfect time to emerge from winter fatigue and get back into your active routine. If it’s been a while since you worked out or if you’ve been keeping up during the winter, your routine could use a spring cleaning. Follow along with these tips to spring clean your routine, reignite your motivation, and spring back into fitness!

How to Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Although it’s human nature to be creatures of habit, incorporating new things can help you spring back into your fitness routine. Try these 5 tips provided by the wellness team at Bala:

Yoga and Stretching

Dynamic stretching like yoga can improve mobility, balance, and flexibility. According to Hopkins Medicine, yoga can also be a great way to manage stress, increase mental and physical energy, and boost moods.

Group Fitness Classes

If you typically work out solo, switch it up with a group fitness class! Many gyms are beginning to open back up now and are offering outdoor fitness classes.

Stay Hydrated

Incorporating liquids with electrolytes can help your body hydrate faster and stay hydrated longer. Plus, the added minerals help maintain proper bodily function. Avoid electrolyte drinks with a lot of sugar. Bala is an ideal choice for clean hydration which contains necessary electrolytes without the unnecessary sugar.

Try New Exercises

If you’re primarily a weightlifter, incorporating some HIIT can be beneficial for your cardiovascular health and endurance. Similarly, if you’re primarily a cardio person, adding some weights to your routine can build strength and provide definition for your muscles.

Take Care of Your Muscles & Joints

When getting back into a consistent fitness routine or incorporating new movements, your muscles are bound to experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which can impede on your routine. Bala’s patent pending enzyme blend of turmeric, bromelain, and papain are especially effective at reducing the inflammation in your muscles and alleviating the soreness that follows your workouts.  With Bala, you can get back to feeling like yourself the next day, rather than waiting a few extra days for your body to slowly recover on its own.