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Turmeric, also known as “Indian Saffron,” is a powerful herb with many health benefits. While curcumin is responsible for anti-inflammatory benefits to help with pain, the turmeric root itself carries the antioxidants. However, both curcumin and antioxidants in turmeric can be beneficial to our immune health.

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Typically known as a featured ingredient in curry, this golden spice has recently garnered increased attention in the health community; multiple studies have been done demonstrating turmeric’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, and thus, has sparked widespread usage in the Western world. While turmeric is highly regarded as a “miracle cure” for ailments, the question begs to be answered: can turmeric help with weight loss?

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When it comes to your body, the natural health approaches are the best. Bala combines three enzymes, turmeric, bromelain, and papain, in our proprietary blend which we have researched and studied. A significant combination in our formula is turmeric and bromelain together, two plant enzymes that are derived from natural sources. But why is turmeric and bromelain together so special?

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